Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Currently!

I love Fall! I'm so excited for October to be here! I'm linking up Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade

LISTENING: Yes, I'm watching the Muppets in Space movie while blogging and working on my computer on a Saturday night. Don't start feeling bad for me. I have had a very amazing week. My boyfriend surprised me to see David Gray on Tuesday night, which allowed me to check that off my Concert Bucket List. Last night we went and saw Citizen Cope and that was super awesome. 

LOVING: I took some time out of the classroom this fall to focus on my writing and I was working with a company in private schools that provided intervention to kids below grade level. This was really nice for flexibility and for my writing. However, then I have decided that I want to move back to Ohio. I miss my family so so much and that's driving my decision. I'm pulling a Lebron in spring 2015 and headed back.  In light of that, I need a little bit more savings to be ready for the big move.  As fate would have it, a fabulous school I interviewed with this summer called and asked if I was interested in covering a Gifted Kindergarten maternity leave from October- February. I am soooo excited to work with this grade level and to be able to save a little bit so I can move to Columbus. I prefer second, and first grade, but I am really excited to add some more kindergarten experience to my repertoire! 

Any Ohio Bloggers out there? Leave me a note in the comments!

THINKING: Like many of you, I am a pumpkin-aholic. Does it have pumpkin in it? Okay I'm in.  Last year I even made a pumpkinbucketlist. (Interested? Find the link in the "Treat" section coming up). Sooooooo the other day I went to Starbucks (if you've read my post "How Getting Kicked Out of Starbucks Helped My Kids Put Their Names on Their Papers" this should not come as a shock) and as I was checking out I saw these cute little cake pops in packages of two. The boyfriend and I were driving to make a delivery for his work and the cake pops seemed like a nice treat for the drive. They were salted caramel and they were INCREDIBLE. At my favorite local coffee shop the owner boasts about their salted caramel I think I'm shifting my fall flavor focus to salted caramel. So that's that. 

WANTING: My Giveaway Groupies Linky will go LIVE tomorrow and I would LOVE if people would link up! It should be nice and easy and fun! You will GIVE an idea, GIVE some love, GIVE me a break, and GIVEAWAY! Pretty please with sugar on top, link up with me tomorrow. Thanks!

NEEDING: to make some new clip art. My 2 month old computer crashed two weeks ago (Yes, I lost 2 months of work- don't get me started) and now it is back from the shop! Yay! That means I'm ready to crank out some new clip art sets!  My favorites so far are my Monster Clip Art, Owl Clip Art, and Halloween Clip Art. What should I make next? Open to suggestions!

Here's the FREE Pumpkin Bucket List
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Who is your favorite Muppet? First person to guess my favorite in the comments wins any item from my store* *(excluding bundles and clip art for life) Yay!

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  1. I hope you get back to Ohio soon! Love your owls!! Very cute stuff! Is your favorite Muppet Animal?

    Autism Classroom News

    1. Yes it Totally IS! I love his style, haha! Ohhhhh Animal!

      Send me an email with any item you'd like from my store and it's yours :)

  2. I'm a new follower! Saw you on Farley's currently...I'm currently working on my currently! You have some great products!

  3. Best of luck with your Kindergarten position! Kinders are so sweet and eager to learn.
    An Adventure in Literacy

  4. Hey there! Your blog is super cute and I"m glad I found you on Farley's currently! So cool that you're a writer, too. I want to write a book one day! I just heard Jay Asher speak at a conference (author of 13 Reasons Why) and am feeling extra inspired. One day, I hope!
    Good luck with your kinder position!
    BigTime Literacy

  5. Oh no to losing 2 months of your work!!! Sooo frustrating and I am sorry! I am glad it is all better now. I was excited to read you are going to kindergarten! I teach kindergarten and I love, love it! I have taught first and second as well, and a mulitage from 1st-3rd but kinders are just awesome. I am glad I found you on the blog link ups - I love connecting with other kinder teachers especially! Keep us posted on that new adventure! :)


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