Sunday, October 5, 2014

Giveaway Groupies Linky- October!

Hi there! Welcome to the Giveaway Groupies Linky! Big Thanks to Palm Beach Autographs for sponsoring the giveaway this month! You can win any PRO QUOTE inspirational frame for your classroom and Fall Clip Art Set from my store (186 images!)

GIVE AN IDEA: Here is a great freebie link for Spider Writing Activities for the fall from 180 Days and Counting! Who doesn't love free and great? 

GIVE SOME LOVE: I'm working on a transition to relocating to Ohio in the spring and my family, boyfriend and his family have been super supportive and I've very lucky and thankful.

Isn't that the truth? ;) But we love them anyway.

Enter the rafflecopter giveaway to win a PRO QUOTE from PALM BEACH AUTOGRAPHS
 and you can win all of these these FALL CLIP ART SETS!
Want to link up? It's easy! 

Save this file. Edit it in powerpoint. Just be sure to link up and comment the blog before you and the blog after you (and more if you're up to it!)
Don't forget my followers can save 10% off of all Palm Beach Autographs memorobilia by using the promo code!
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