Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Football Learning Resources!

 In working on my "Football Science" mini-unit I have come across a bunch of helpful, engaging resources on the topic of FOOTBALL for the classroom! I will go over them in this post! 

NBC Learn: Science of Football They recommend this site for grades 6-9, however I found that the videos "Geometric Shapes" and "Hydration and Health" could be understood and cool for the younger (1st-5th) grades since they will be learning about those topics. The videos are about 5 minutes long and are very well done!

Funbrain Math Football Game This game is super cool because it is so easy to differentiate! (SCORE!) You choose an operation (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, or all) and a level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, superbrain) and the kids play "football" by solving math facts. This would be an awesome center choice in math or great site to recommend for at home learning. 
Tackle Math Football- Math Game for Ipad/Computer  Recommended for grades 2-4, can play 5 or 10 minute games human vs. computer or human vs. human! Cool for an ipad lab classroom!

Fun (& Free) Ideas to Involve Football:
  • Have a favorite team? Is there a big game coming up? You could give homework passes for a win or maybe "fun homework." 
  • Graph your favorite teams. Have students create "teacher questions" about the graph results.
  • Writing Prompt: If you could have a job related to a professional football team (player, coach, trainer, marketing, agent, cheerleader, manager), what would it be? Why?
  • Predator Vs. Prey: analyze match ups of mascots. Who would really win? For example: Dolphins vs. Jaguars. Which animal would survive? Have students research the animals and describe which animal would win in a real life battle. 
  • Character Education writing prompt: Why is it important for athletes to show good sportsmanship? What does good sportsmanship look like?
  • Prediction: Connect making predictions in a story to making predictions in a football game 
  • If your district has access to Brainpop, there is a football learning video on there as well! (Also quiz, vocabulary, all the good stuff!)

Pulse Investigation: Fun science & math activity to see how your pulse changes with different activities. 
Shape Investigation: 
Studentes will explore with different ball types to see which is the best for different categories.

Two Non-Fiction Mini-Books (with picture directions on how to make them)

Fun Creative & Higher Order Thinking Project: Students create their own professional football team.

 If this sounds like something you'd like in your classroom check it out here!
 Hope this helps! Who is your team? 

For me, Buckeyes all the way. :) 


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