Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adventures of Ai - Book Review and Giveaway

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Hi there! Today I am reviewing a fantastical ebook called "Adventures of Ai" written by Craig Bouchard, New York Times best selling author. This ebook encompasses many qualities that are sure to engage a middle school audience. There are some really funny parts that middle school kids will get a kick out of.

The story begins with three sisters begging their dad for a story. The story is narrated by the father and tells of his time learning Japanese culture. Some magical things begin to happen as he learns about the Hara family and a special child named Ai. Ai is a bit different and can do things that most cannot.
Something that I really enjoyed was that the book includes real photographs and illustrations. The combo of reality and fiction matches the fusion of history and fantasy in the the book.

 The story will casually mention famous artists like Leonardo DaVinci, and historical figures that inspire a curiosity as you follow the story and can provide for a jumping off point in a history lesson.  The asides from the narrator as he gauges the magical situations allow for a great conversation about point of view.

This ebook is great for the early high schooler and middle schooler because kids love to read on a tablet and because it sneaks historical learning into a fantasy. The writing is very well done and entertaining for young adults. Another reason your middle school/high school students will like it is because there is an Iphone and Android Game app to go along with it! This can make for a fun extra piece for a unit. Also this book is affordable so parents or yourself could get it for your class tablets for cheap. (And what teacher doesn't love that?)

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