Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giveaway Groupies Linky!

GREETINGS Hardcore Teachers!

Welcome to the first Giveaway Groupies Linky! This link-up will take place the 2nd Sunday of each month! The goal is to give ideas, give love, give a laugh, and GIVEAWAY! 

Feel free to link up with me!

GIVE an Idea!
  • Make a Teacher Toolbox: You probably already have one, but if not make one! Seriously. Do it.  There are some great tutorials for how to make toolbox: I used Common Core and So Much More Teacher Toolbox Tutorial This was a huge gamechanger for me! I loved knowing where everything was. And a plus was that I could have one my students grab something from it for me if I was in the middle of something or at the guided reading table. I'm not working in a classroom this fall, but this blog post shows my classroom from last year :) Tour de Classroom 
  • Purchase, find or create yearlong resources! I think this is huge. It can be a relief when you already have pre-planned activities, projects, assessments, rubrics, etc. for the whole school year. It will be a bit of work and maybe $$ at first but will be worth it in the long run!
  • Organize the classroom with the year in mind! I know that there are many ADORABLE classrooms on pinterest/blogs etc. Keep in mind that cute is great, but function is better! (And if you are the gifted and talented type that are able to merge cute and functional, then you, my teacher-friend, ROCK!)
GIVE some Love:

My facebook followers have been so amazing! Three of my sweet followers helped look over my Higher Order Thinking Activities for Second Grade Common Core for me and they were so incredibly thorough in their feedback! Many followers volunteered their service, and I added them into a giveaway. They have been so funny and eager to learn new ideas. It is so refreshing to see teachers eager to learn and grow as professionals! I feel very fortunate! 

GIVE me a Break: 
Dear parents, 
 Don't waste your money buying off brand dry erase markers. 
They don't work. 
Don't buy them.

Teachers Everywhere

You can win this Amazing Back to School Package!
First, think of a name for my Flying Piggy in the pics!

 It was a gift from a very special student and I just love it! But, she needs a name! 
Next, enter in multiple ways here: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to Link Up? It's Easy! 

1. Copy this image and save it to your computer.

2.  In powerpoint, open the image and add your words to the images. Save as an image (jpeg, png) This month's theme is summer productivity (try to be on topic-ish) :) 
Give an idea, Give some Love (shoutout to someone or someones that deserve it) , Give me a Break (go ahead and rant, teacher-friends), and Giveaway (could be your giveaway, a link to a freebie, someone else's giveaway, whatever!)

3. Link back to my blog post in your introduction.

4. When you link up, please link to the URL of the Giveaway Groupies Blog Post.

5. Make New Friends and Keep the Old: Read and comment on a new blog friend and old blog friend! :) 

Have fun, teacher-friends! 

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