Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Girl Empowerment in Literature

Does anybody else just love the "A Mighty Girl" site? I'm a HUGE fan! I first came across them when Goldieblox made that amazing Rube Goldberg machine advertisement, and facebook suggested I check out their page. If you didn't see the video check it out here:
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Anyhow, Mighty Girl is a collection of resources, toys, books, movies, etc. that are supportive of empowering young girls. What caught my eye recently was their Ultimate Guide to Independent Princess Books. I just love this! One of my favorite fairytales to read aloud is Paper Bag Princess. 

It's so important when building your library that you are being cognizant of including books with strong female characters. Many books are littered with images and situations where women are dependent on a man for happiness, strength, ideas, etc. I believe it's time we put the damsel in distress to rest! 

What are your favorite girl power resources or books? 

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