Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dreams Come True by Jennifer Lynn Adams

Sometimes it just seems like things happen for a reason...

That's how I felt this week when I stumbled upon a GEM of a book while at Comedy Night at Brewhouse Gallery. I was there to check out this new place, hear some comedy, drink some coffee and check out the art. I did not expect to be leaving with a children's book! I was so excited to find this and it's perfect for the beginning of the year. The book is Dreams Come True by Jennifer Lynn Adams. When I first saw it I was captivated by the cover and the subtitle
 "A Little Book on the Power of Words."

I paged through the book and thought "Yep, I need this!" As I was checking out, the Brewhouse people let me know how incredible the author is. They told me how she was Miss Wheelchair America this year and how the owner of the gallery was a judge for Miss Wheelchair America. After the pageant, he invited her to perform there and she did!

Jennifer Lynn Adams won Ms. Wheelchair America 2014!
Can I just say that I love her ninja reference?

The book is great for a writing workshop lesson It could also be used for a character & guidance lesson about choosing your words carefully.

Jennifer does motivational speaking in schools and I'm trying to hook her up with some schools in my community! To learn more about Jennifer and her amazingness, check out her website: and like her on facebook.

I'm so glad I found this book, and more importantly this incredible person.

I was so inspired that I made a free resource set, download this FREEBIE "Words Have Power" Resource Set to Teach Tolerance & Acceptance in your Classroom:
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