Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It: Swirly Apple Necklaces

Linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for this weeks Monday Made It!
 I've given a few Swirly Apple Necklaces away in giveaways and I thought I'd share how I make them!

First, I gather my supplies: Sculpey Clay, Green Wire, an exacto knife, and a chain (all from Michael's) 

Next, take some clay from a dark and a light color. Take a chunk of clay in two colors (one light and one dark). The chunk should be about the size from your top of your thumb to the first knuckle. 

 Start working with the clay and flatten it into rectangles. Use your exacto knife to make straight edges.

Lay the two rectangles on top of each other. Roll them hot dog style until you get a long roll of clay like this:  

Set those aside. Take a ball of clay and roll into a ball like a bouncy ball.

Next, carefully slice the swirly rolls into small slivers. 
Once you have enough to cover your "bouncy ball" start carefully placing them on the ball.

Now, roll the ball in your hands until there are no bumps. Don't over-roll because it will smear the colors too much! 
  Now, form it into your apple shape! 

Now you're ready to add the stem!
I used this strong bendable artistic wire. Cutting off a couple inches and sticking the stem and the pendant holder into the clay.
Follow the baking directions on the Sculpey package(or whatever clay you use). They will burn if you overbake!


After they are baked, I paint on a thin layer of glaze to protect it, string on a chain and Voila!

Don't feel like making one? $10 in my Etsy Shop!

 Don't feel like making one, but still want one? Right now, they are only $10 in my Etsy Shop!

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