Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It- Last Week of July!

Hi there! 

I'm linking up 4th Grade Frolics for #MondayMadeIt!

I've been a busy creating machine lately. My boyfriend has been on safari in Africa so I haven't been distracted by his cuteness and I've been very productive! He comes back today and I'm super excited to see him. :)
My first Monday Made It is a custom order sign that a fabulous friend of mine ordered for her sister who is starting her first teaching gig in the fall!

If you'd like one or want to get one for a friend, you can order one in my TPT shop

My second Monday Made It was a little project that didn't quite turn out as cute as I planned, but it will be functional!

You know how you are sometimes given gift cards for your birthday or teacher appreciation or whatever. They always seem to bulk up space in your wallet or they are all over the place in your coupon drawer or worse they expire because you forgot you had them! My boyfriend gets gift cards from silent auctions from charity events and often as gifts because he's tough to buy for. I thought I'd help him out while he was in Africa by making a little organization station for him. 

First I went to one of my favorite (but my wallet's least favorite place): MICHAEL'S
FUN FACT: Did you know one summer I went to Michael's so often they offered me a job there? True. 

Next, I got the supplies: gorilla glue $4.99 (accidentally bought white-don't do this), wooden box thingy- It lifts up with a hinge (was 80% off so it was 1.99), little clothes pins ($1.99), and letters ($1.99) 
I used a 20% off everything coupon, so I got everything for under $10. 

Then, I picked out my paints. Since it was for my boyfriend I chose neutrals. (If it were for me I'd be going bright- I'm sure you could have inferred that :)

I painted the outside a chocolate brown.
 I painted the inside a tan.
I painted the letters and the little clothespins with Martha Stewart gold paint.

 When I glued down the letters and the clothespins it ends up looking like this: 

Like I said, its not as cute as I imagined but it will be functional! It can hold 10+ gift cards. 

My third Monday Made It is a my set of Mustache Mania Clip Art! I had so much fun making these! I learned so much from the TPT conference from Melonheadz about how to make clipart that I have caught the creating bug!

 Since I am on a new path of Clip Art Creation, I added this to my TPT shop:

It will always be 75% of the total cost of the clip art in my store. If you buy now, you will get it forever for super cheap! Who doesn't love a great deal?

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to relax and breathe a bit as the summer dwindles down!

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  1. Love the idea of the Gift Card box. My wallet definitely gets very bulky! This would be a great solution.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I saw that little wooden, hinged, shadow box thing and thought, "Hmmmm, what could I make with that?" I love your gift card idea. Brilliant!
    Tales of a Teacher

    1. Thank you so much! My boyfriend really liked- he said "genius!"

      Hardcore Teacher Resources


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