Sunday, January 5, 2014

How Teachers Can Use Google Forms to make their Lives Easier!

Google forms may be old news for many people, but it might be brand new to you! Google Forms can be used in a multitude of ways and while I'm no tech expert, I have used to simplify gathering information from teachers, parents, and even kids. Some of the teachers at my school were so surprised about how easy and useful it can be, so I thought I'd share what I know. 

A few examples of how Google Forms can be super helpful:

  • gathering piles of information from parents (how kids get home, allergies, phone numbers, etc!)
  • knowing who is bringing what to class parties
  • voting on ideas from your grade level teams
  • compiling information on how parents want projects to come home
  • voting on next unit of study
So without further ado, let me show you how to use it in a few easy steps:

First,  You need to sign into your Gmail Account. (f you don't have one already, they are easy to setup and get! Just go to and get started).  If you already have one, congrats because you already have a Google Drive Account!

Next, to to It should look like this: 

To start a Google Form, click create 

and then "Form"
This is where you type the title for the form and choose the theme. 
What do you need to compile information from your parents for? 
For this tutorial, I am going to pretend I need to know who will be attending a class Valentine's Day Party and what they will be bringing. 
Next you will be inputting your questions into the google form. 

Now you have the link to include in your email to parents! 
Want to see what the parents will see?
Their Google Form response page will look like this. 
They can easily respond without you having to respond and track a million emails. 
Now to see your responses (after you've sent out the link).  
How awesome is this! 
All the information you wanted compiled on one page. 
The day before the party and you want to check it again, it's easy! Go to and find it again! 

I hope you found this tutorial useful! 

Anybody out there use Google Forms for another creative reason? Or have an idea for a way to use it to make your life easier?
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