Thursday, November 21, 2013

Invention Unit Resources

My K-5 Gifted classes have just finished up our Great Thinkers/Invention Unit. It lasted 10 weeks and included researching inventors/great thinkers, creative projects to display their learning, learning about wacky inventions and the engineering design process, creating our own inventions and ultimately celebrating our learning at an Invention Convention Event I held at school. I used some incredible resources in this unit. They made my job so easy! This was a new job for me and creating the curriculum for kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth was a daunting task! TPT and it's wonderful sellers came to the rescue!

These are some of the wonderful resources I used (and HIGHLY recommend):

Science for Kids Electricity Unit
Electricity This electricity unit was a life saver for me. As someone who needed a major refresher in electric circuits, currents, etc. I could not have survived without this. She makes it so easy to explain to the kids. Step by step explanations and the experiments are right on! This was amazing and so worth the small price considering how much time it saved me! I used it with my 2-5th graders, it was nice because I was easily able to tailor it to meet the needs of each grade level.

Famous Inventors Activities by Jessica Travis
Famous Inventors! {Activities & Crafts for Famous Inventors!} This was great for my younger kids. I used this for my K/1 class and the activities were perfect.

Famous Inventors by and they all fell down
Famous American Inventors  {Pick 3} This was great for my 2nd/3rd graders. It gave great informational research and my kids learned so much!

American Heroes Informational Reading by Teacher to the Core 
 American Heroes Common Core Informational Reading and More I also used this for my 2nd/3rd graders! Very, very helpful!

I pulled some ideas from Where The Wild Things Learn' Famous American Nonfiction Unit
Famous American Nonfiction Project This was useful in our research projects!

Students made a choice from a project choice board I created to display their learning. 

After we studied many great thinkers and inventors, then we were ready to work on our own inventions.

This Inventors: An Engineering Unit by One Extra Degree was EVERYTHING I needed! I was also able to easily adapt it for second-fifth grade. A teacher's dream! The kids had so much fun being creative and problem solving. Inventors: An Engineering WorkshopAdd this to your wishlist folks, you'll thank me later. 

Here are some Awesome Websites I used: 
Scholastic Electric Circuits Study Jam 
 National Geographic: Quiz your Noodle Inventions Game
Inventive Kids
Invention at Play
CNBC Aricle Inventions by Kids
Amazing Kids Magazine - Found an amazing article on Jack Andraka here. This e-mag is for kids by kids! I will be using this resource a lot in the future!

These resources were incredible! Here is a freebie project choice board that can go with researching an inventor! Enjoy!

The next blog post will show some of the kids' work on their Great Thinkers projects and Inventions! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently November!

Happy November!

Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Farley for November Currently!

Listening: Shovels and Rope! On a recent impromptu New York trip, my girlfriend clued me in about this incredible band. Her little niece is the lead in the adorable music video! I'm obsessed right now. 

Loving: Pumpkin Everything. Obviously. I'm knocking things off my Pumpkin Bucket List and #pumpkinbucketlist on Instagram. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it. 

Thinking: I'm so happy to be alive. I had a very close call this week and almost became teacher pizza on the highway. I'm treasuring my breath and enjoying a refreshed sense of appreciation. 

Wanting: My Scholastic News magazines to be delivered! With the help of my school's PTO and a little from my pocket, I raised enough money to order Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines for each of my classes K-5. The money was raised in September and it took a month for the order to be processed by the school. It's November and I'm antsy! 

Needing: A day or two working without the kids once (or twice) a week. My school came down with a weird gross stomach virus and we had a day off, and it's incredible how much I can get done! I feel like I need a teacher work day once a week to do the following: grading, lesson planning, and tidying the classroom. It would be make the other 4 days more fruitful if we all just had one uninterrupted day to do all these things! Am I right? Who's with me?

A Yummy Pin: I'm vegetarian-ish for almost two years now. I eat fish and only eat meat on special occasions. The thing I miss most is buffalo chicken wings, so this yummy pin really caught my eye! I'm loving anything with buffalo sauce right now and I made these. They are delicious! I was saying God bless pinterest as I munched on these yummies!

Happy November everyone! 

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