Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tour De Classroom!

I am in a brand new school this year, so we've had some ups and downs as we have started to get settled in. It's been rather snag-tastic and hard, but I think the long term results will be worth it. It's a brand new staff, brand new building, brand new parents. There has been a lot of growing pains but its starting to get comfortable!

I am teaching K-5 Gifted Pull-Out and I'd love to share my classroom. I am doing a "Great Thinkers" theme this year: light bulbs galore, Great Thinkers Posters (Freebie at my TPT store), even a lightbulb rug! I've infused the Great Thinkers theme into my expectations as we have learned more and more about the characteristics of great thinkers.

My Before: 
 It was bright and shiny and ready for me to decorate!

My Door:Welcome sign with Ben Franklin Flair

I found this fun poster paper at Staples.

My desk and Teacher Toolbox (so glad I made this, it has been an organizational lifesaver). I used a tutorial from Erica Bohrer's Teacher Toolbox Tutorial

The Ben Franklin bust was a gift from a lovely and inspirational woman! I love it on my desk!
This mobile I made with: old lightbulbs, a Dollar Tree hula hoop, wrapping wire, glitter, and ribbon. 

  Here is my Word Wall!
  I have two computers in my classroom. We don't have our programs set up yet! Can't wait!

Holy objectives!

Classroom Routine Flow Map (consistent across grade levels)

One of my favorite parts: My Hanging Thesaurus

Loving my new rug! It was a splurge, but I couldn't resist.

My desk with Great Thinkers pendant.

Added a little yellow splash to the cabinet to brighten it a bit. 
My Wall of Fame and Lightbulb Clock Labels!

I hope you enjoyed my Tour de Classroom! 

What do you think of my theme?

Has anyone else opened a brand new school?

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