Sunday, August 18, 2013

TPT Sale+ Classroom Decor + Great Thinkers Poster Pack Freebie!

Well, I haven't put any classroom decor pictures up because I haven't seen my classroom yet! My school is brand new and has hit some snags in the building process. 

So our school year is pushed back a week. I am itching to get into my classroom to get started! 

But, it has allowed me to take extra time to work on my classroom decor set! 

I am doing a "Creative Thinking" theme in my classroom and I just finished my set! I just uploaded it to TPT and I'm so excited to get it printed and laminated! It features lightbulbs, bright yellow and blue and I think will brighten my classroom.

I'm so excited about using it to inspire my kids. I'm hoping by having a thinking-centered environment it helps to challenge them to think deeper and to always be focused on thinking differently.

Today I am going to be filling my cart with great TPT goodies. Don't forget to use the code: BTS13 to save 28%! 

I thought I would share this Great Thinkers Quote Posters freebie to inspire your little ones as well! Included are 10 Quote posters from great thinkers! Enjoy!


What theme are you doing in your classroom to inspire your students?

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