Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yay for Blogging!

A little late to the blogging game, but better late than never! The school year always seems to end in a whirlwind and it takes me a week to make sure my head is still on straight. I'm starting this blog to help teachers and parents with ideas to make education fun, authentic, and meaningful.

I'm working on quite a few projects this summer that I'm really excited about. I am interviewing several women who have "cool jobs" for a You Go Girls! unit that lets young chicas learn about cool jobs for girls (while meeting common core reading standards). 

I'm also working on Higher Order Thinking math challenges for first and second grade common core standards.

Don't worry, I'm having fun too! I'm currently visiting my family in Ohio and I've got to spend time seeing my brother do stand up comedy, trying out some summer ales, bike riding in Yellow Springs,  and kayaking with my dad.

Stay tuned for updates for new stuff I post to my store!

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